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Why hate olof?
Yap I agree hopefully they get good again. Yea shox's fragging skill ceiling is sick, too bad the french scene is so toxic and they cant get a team running. Who knows maybe none of them cares anymore ...
Why hate olof?
I am only trying to say that everyone in faze needs to pick their shit together and help niko.
Why hate olof?
Nothing wrong with him being IGL but when you suck at that you should drop it there have been a ton of signs showing that it doesnt work with him being an IGL. Although I agree that olof that has been...
Everyone is entitled to their opinion :)
Why hate olof?
Beside the 2015 fluke after 2013 shox has been garbage ever since. His stats are consistently 3-4-5th in his team no tournament wins or in fact no playoffs. How is he the GOAT? simple, device, cold ca...
Are you expecting everyone to have positive KD? You know if that happens you dont really lose games...Besides there are no good available IGLs so you either risk it for a biscuit and add completely in...
mibr is the new vp?
If there is any kicks it should obviously be felps. He has the same playstyle as fer which either means he doesnt play up to his potential or that he takes some of fer's positions and obviously fer se...
He did it 2-3 times after being warned and the team had told him to stay off social media :D. I cant believe there are orgs that are so desperate to sign him up. If he was in any big sport team he wou...
Henry "They need to eco"
shazham had 2900 and 2 were at 2500. It is equally justified to go for force and to eco
Henry "They need to eco"
They had 2400 2900 2400 1500 2000 if im not mistaken a eco will rock them to 4300 4800 4200 3400 3900 which can be considered somewhat good buy as they have at least 3 rifles and maybe an awp
shroud aug
Thats actually wrong. He still averaged 120 hours per 2 weeks on cs. He was tehre for all the pracs/scrims and he gamed he just wanted to chill on something else.
YOUR TOP 3 fav CS(GO) players
dupreeh shroud olof Good players, amazing personalities, awesome content from stream.
3 weeks of practising nuke
ya know just a combination of coming in rarely and being a bad student lol
3 weeks of practising nuke
Imigrant is used either when you move permanently or for a long period of time... I'm just studying here so try again
3 weeks of practising nuke
First of all im temporarily living here and second how is that disproving my point? Also how is your comment even relevant when i can just say czech cs?