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Cool job from home
Virtual Assistant, 0/8, 8/8, im jew, any other unrealated autistic answers
i7 7700k + GTX 1080 TI 11GB still bad fpS?
what is your PSU ?
i7 7700k + GTX 1080 TI 11GB still bad fpS?
- high is outdated since a long time
Ustilo's dad
i was actually agreeing with you ;)
Ustilo's dad
please educate yourself a bit because if you're so proud of america, just aknowledge the fact that right now you're a bad representative of your country showing us that people from USA are ignorant an...
Ustilo's dad
stupid burger eater, if you keep smoking, drinking, eating raw suger and coca cola all day long for sure you won't cure any cancer.
How old are you and what do you do
31 IT consultant and support
Snax performance
it is all about the feeling we have and most of all that the team has. We can see Snax is always playing alone, miss all cluthces, he has no impact and is having a good rating when other players carry...
man it costed me 13,45 € and I had a wierd person jib jabbering in english telling me I have to give here my credit card number if I wanted to have sex with a russian girl. Just trying to understand a...
like +33 (0) 1-800-759-0700 ? will it cost me a lot ?
is your number working internationaly ? just tried to call from France and I dont have any answer
also because we can't have all the achievements in the game because aztec isn't anymore played
Top 10 metal bands
Green day Weezer Blur No joking ahah Amon Amarth
Pre ordered cod bo4
game where rng to find weapon and bad netcode are more important than skill and tactics ahah not talking about rng zone that makes positioning and camping so important ahah BR sucks in a competitive ...
faceit wtf?
with faceit enhancer extension for FF or GC you can see the avarage elo and it's always the same. stop complaining if you're so strong just win and stfu