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Nikola Jokic ???
I don't think they are contenders at all, to reach playoffs? Yeah, but to win it all? Nope. That team does too many mistakes and sometimes they just win always by a clutch basket... They are not the t...
ManU 87mio €
Arswho? Manwho? are you fucking kidding me? Do you even saw Champions League or Europe League this year? 4 teams from premier league in the finals LOL, premier league is by far the most competitive le...
Worst Language
Brazilian portuguese in majority of the people make my ears bleed, just go to youtube, put in some brazilian dude talking, and doesn't even sound like portuguese. Don't get me wrong, brazilian is an a...
xantares future
XANTARES is a good aim player, but his decision making is just brainless sometimes, he needs to improve his gameplay and use the head instead of the mouse, pro level is not mm that is just run forward...
Remove AWP
+1 lmao
awp is actually op
if this is 1800-3000 elo you are playing against bots literally, every single clip they rush you 1 by 1 lol, you literally have the time to hide, scope in again, and kill them 1 by 1, how about ... hm...
Remove AWP
Is this guy actually talking serious? Do you want to remove 1 hit kill with ak and deagle too? wtf am i reading lmao Fornite sucks now and you come to cs go forum to talk shit because u can get out o...
How s1mple should handle his career?
You truly retard, twistzz and NAF are from canada, and they currently the #1 team in the world, and you call him a no scene, and just baiting everyone, get a life you idiot, and get your facts straigh...
top 1 of 2019 year?
s1mple will not get it obviously, if he does the rankings are just bs, there are players out there that deserve it way more than s1mple rn, he is top 5 for sure, but not even close to top1, at least f...
How s1mple should handle his career?
He is stupid, and a delusional fanboy, the way the guy speaks proves that he was on his father testicles and NEO was already playing cs:go
How s1mple should handle his career?
s1mple is the GOAT when he didn't achieve anything spectacular in cs:go besides #1 spot in hltv rankings, and he is not even top1 right now, are you fucking kidding me? point of the thread: make your...
Messi GOAT
This discussion again? Messi is not the GOAT \close
Thats not just straight forward, no one is a perfect player, no one, thats why we dont have a team dominating the scene since ever, and if we are talking about max potencial every team would have a sh...
Do you know how to read? In their maximum potencial... O.o
Zeus is obviously more important than s1mple, no doubt about that, the guy was kicked in Na'Vi and took a straight up average team and won a major, meanwhile, s1mple, the guy who is supposed to be the...