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s1mple will leave NaVi
i asked him on twitch whether the result on the major will decide about him leaving navi and he kind of said yes.
Stop accusing docc now look at his recent results at fpl and tell me he is not an upcoming beast
New super team
Im pretty sure he would be able to communicate at a decent level but just like in MIBR now it will still cause problems in crucial moments where fast decisions have to be made. I think both of them co...
New super team
you can really forget about k1o and scream, they never played at a high consistant level. the other three sound good tho
New super team
i think its really sad that they mixed up with americanos. they just had to add other brazilians, there are plenty good upcoming talents as well or others such as kng. in my opinion their communicatio...
New super team
i would say apex = IGL and support NBK = support s1mple = AWP electronic = rifler / lurker d0cC = rifler / lurker
New super team
of course its a fantasy team and i also can explain to you why i chose them apex = experienced player, one of the best IGLs out there NBK = experienced player, good chemistry with apex = first brutal ...
New super team
just give him some time in a good team and he will show what he is capable of
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me? i am not mad but s1mple is thats why i make this thread to see whats his future will be. and i am smart enough to not bet on navi they can win vs astralis and at the same time lose to tier 3 shit....
New super team
possible but unlikely, who should join mibr then?
+11111111111 pronax goat cold nothing compared to him
FaZe is DONE ?
Lul fnatic and mouz not tier1? 0/8 sorry very bad b8
Roast Me Hard!
what rank?
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
S1mple is better with the rifle but he has to awp because no one else in navi is better then him. He says often that he doesnt really like to play the awp. That is also a reason for him often not to b...
PLINK vs pro100
HLTV pls fix