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gaming is a waste of time
but you are playing with your friends and probably having fun and having memorable times because of your friends if you guys did another activity it would have been fun too but there a lot of people t...
gaming is a waste of time
especially after a time limit when you feel like you are good at the game and your objective is to become first.not to have fun
gaming is a waste of time
So many people flaming here but im with you on this one.If somebody plays video games more than 2 or 3 hours it means that video games are your only real hobby and it takes a great portion of your tim...
Obese man.
in the beginning losing is waay easier you can easily lose 40 in 6 months
Obese man.
losing 10 kilos in 1 month is really good keep up and your aim should be 130 kilos in 6 months
Vitality Boosted
i dont think that zywoo would be sad if kennys was awping considering that even vitality tried to make zywoo a rifler at the start
(+18) Would you?
because MMOOONEEEY!!!
(+18) Would you?
well mate i watch porn here and there too it doesnt change with the fact that im a muslim. but i dont understand what do these people find in these camwhores on twitch,these girls are not good lookin...
(+18) Would you?
so she is a cam whore but the only twist is that she doesnt need to show her vagina to make money? damn you guys are actually pathetic making these kind of people make money
fnatic has 3 bots
what happened to flusha is happening to jw he and the team doesnt look motivated at all.I watched a little bit of the match and they go one by one with no trades or flash support yikes -xizt immediat...
Xizt and fnatic
so now they are 30th because they went 1-3 in the major??
the worst team krimz played against > the best team g2 players played
Do you like your life?
an eye for an eye makes the wholw world blind
Fer underperforming
his playstyle relies on aim so hard
You guys have ruined this man
cloud9 for 3-0 who said that?