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CPU predictions
i do not understand people talking over cpus, they literally give you 10 more fps than the gen before unless you are doing some rendering, anything above 7700 is an overkill
DHMasters Spring 2021 Closed Qualifiers invites
they really have to push in NA somehow? i have never heard of BnB before
Women are always looking for attention or validation, it's in their genes. not all the girls use instagram to post their bikini pictures
holy hell do people really think that not having a social media account is a sign of mental disorder? we really went backwards as humans as people see a social media account as a must
i do not know what your past experience with the girls are, but i hope you get over it and try to open a new page, you wont get anything done if you really believe this
covid REKT
do you need someone to remind you that you should brush your teeth aswell?
BF week 14 missions
bruh people who read BF as boyfriend and not as battlefield should get their blood gamer levels checked
there is also technology made just to see if something is fake, capitalism baby
worst youtuber fan base?
this is underrated, they keep saying some weird ass sentences i have never heard before and some of them honestly think that xqc is smart or something
most underrsted games
metro series
History months
people who believe this love it while people who only care about the sport like me try to look over it as much as possible. but they painted black lives matter on the sides of courts which plummeted t...
History months
because it sells, timberwolves hired a white coach and literally their star player criticized that "there should be more diversity in the selection of head coaches" he did not like the new coach bec...
History months
everybody here including me is getting a little tickle from john