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political reddit pages goddamn you need medical assistance
NBK Shox Enemies?
all old french pro players played with each other against each other and had beefs with eachother
Death Stranding overrated
tl:dr people reeally like on hating stuff
i am very scared of nightmares when i try to sleep
8/8 for the effort dude
Niko ruin Coldzera
comeback so good my iq couldnt handle it :(
100T 100T 100T
well we were waiting for a new blockbuster team but they took an alreqdy existing one
100T 100T 100T
good but a really boring choice
just what the first 3 guys said adding to that it holds the place of majors in a way because of this other event organizers have hard time making events because people put this league above everythin...
who's the best scientist
NA MM>EU MM confirmed by Elige
everybody literally complains about mm here
Is it really true that almost every team want to get S1mple?
everyone always tries to shit on zeus but he is the ultimate leader and the only person that could keep simples mouth shut and that didnt even last forever as the last few months were rocky
cold is a fucking great player problems are nikos big ego and rains aim but they will probably remove broky or olof this time around
Janko 'YNk' Paunovi?
omfg that disappointment i would quit immediately and turn back to the analyst desk
Riot Games fps
it looks like something 3 people did in their free time
woxic managed to take a team with deadfox to the legends stage what did oskar do oh right