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Best Battle Royale games of all time
Minecraft Ultra Hardcore mod
Am I gay?
Why are you gey?
Amanek does not really fit the profile and Hadji is way too inconsistent for this job
I'll just had to this that its even more of a shame when you start to see apex and rpk having more impact again.
Peaky Blinders
Hahaha yeah Mad men is amazing, quite disturbing sometimes tho The Wire is still the best, really recommend to watch it even if it's a bit old-school, it's an absolute masterpiece
Peaky Blinders
Its a good show overall, with really goods elements (actors, treatment of post-war psychological effects, industrial city atmosphere) and not so good ones (realism on some issues, superficial treatmen...
Most Beautiful Country in Europe.
Yeah I was a little too fast typing that message but you get my point :) (Tho, I would not recommend including Norway in an european tour, it deserves its tour on its own, so much stuff to do)
Most Beautiful Country in Europe.
I mean its not in Western Europe, its in Scandinavia so if our dude here was aiming for the classic "western european tour" that a lot of americans do, he might not think about norway first :) Btw I ...
Most Beautiful Country in Europe.
Most beautiful overall is France without a doubt For cities, Italy For nature, probably Norway but that's not in Europe Overwise Austria
Katowice noise
I was schyzophrenic before Now we are doing better :)
RpK probably was a bit mad not to kill that Guy He must have told him that his job was to kill at least one and hold for as long as possible which he did, so he did not had to be pissed
-rpk -alex
Cimer kho <3
-rpk -alex
I agree that he makes a lot of mistakes and should try to play less agressive but that's like Fer or CrisJ : when it works, it's a game winning Factor. When it doesnt, it looks so Silly for the viewer
-rpk -alex
Naaa Apex is a solid player overall, he leads the attack trio and is super hungry to grind the game He Lost a bit of his fragpower in Vitality but he's gonna find it again :)
-rpk -alex
A -Rpk +Kio would be sick but Rpk is a "soldier" he does not complain or try to bitch people, trustful dude with real working moral. Kio was known to be quite the contrary, super talented but a lazy...