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-xyp + kjaerbye
lol shut up dupreeh one of the best entry fraggers in the world. he is the most important player in astralis after of course gla1ve because strats; device and magisk are replaceable, not sure about xy...
Faze Clan
Xyp9x S1mple Shox k0nfig But i'd go for Xyp9x because best clutcher and great support and doesnt choke often
Finally rip br scene
he is top1 until another winner is awarded. just like ronaldo still best player in the world until
kick boltz
3 matches doesnt prove your point. nt tho. Magisk is doing good, but astralis best player because 3 matches top fragging? -8/8
kick boltz
1.faze 2.mouz 3.fnatic 4.astralis/c9 5.c9/astralis
kick boltz
kick boltz
i've been astralis fan for 2 years now. Specially devve fan. Magisk has been doing good BUT NOT against big teams, more pressure, he can't frag and miss easy shots,. I still cant understand his role i...
kick boltz
Not yet, Magisk still t2. Did not show up in big games YET. But improving a lot. magisk definetly t1 after astralis win something.
kick boltz
steel not good fragwise. Can't be him, also fallen does not need another player calling rounds. Cold already does that a lot. Steel t3. Taco kkkk
Finally rip br scene
It is bad. Because SK have aguarbly best players per position in the world. cold top1 fer top5 entry fallen top5 awp.
kick boltz
-boltz +autimatic sure auti wouldnt join but SK needs a t1 player right now. fer t1 fallen t1 cold t1 stew t2 boltz t3. look at other teams: faze: rain t1 niko t1 guardian t1 karrigan t2 olof t1 (xz...
Finally rip br scene
lol. keep defusing m8. Mouz top2 SK TOP8, no surprise SK lost... I dont understand why people are creating these threads. Of course SK would loose to aguarbly best team in the world or on par with faz...
mouz with s1mple
He wouldnt destroy shit because chrisJ is a true IGL and he wouldnt let s1 be toxic. They would be perhaps best team in the world.
>karrigan >tarik >FNS >ENTRYFRAGGER PICK 1.