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Played competitive between 2001-2009 New Zealand CS 1.6/Source.

I competed and studied CS developing my own theories based on my experiences in cs & sports. I developed my passion for cs in an era which didn't have resources such as HLTV, i would do a lot of out-sourcing talking to foreign players & downloading demos from sogamed/fragbite/mtw focusing my study on division 1 and 2 teams in sweden.

I competed in trans-tasman & national events between AU/NZ for ATO/Newtype.

My objective in the NZ scene wasn't to leap straight into the best squads but to build rival squads using relatively unknown players. My objective was to win and prepare teams to go beyond a national level and be ready to compete overseas. My ultimate goal was to reinvigorate the players of our national scene to bolster the number of competitive teams we had fighting for the number one spot.

I've learnt a lot about my self and of others in my endeavors as a young adult.

Gaming, I've made friends and memories for life.
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