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France could #1 EZ
Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy EZ #1
pros that smoke
Juliano smokes.
Yeah, I'm 99th this year. You can check it from here.
How To Start Gym?
Start with improving your core strength about 3-4 months. The time will depend on your body type. Then you will move on to the compound movements like squat, barbell bench press etc. And keep in min...
How To Start Gym?
Only retards wear big headphones in gym and suffocate themselves.
Brazilian toxic
Can somebody explain? what's the situation?
-olof +s1mple
I'm sure the comms of this team would be perfect.
Give him a break. Man's been in the jail for 20 years.
Germany cs
uhmm now that i think about it there is also an insane player called tabsen. really underrated.
Germany cs
i think tabsen is a good pick. up and coming young player.
NRG Tier 1 or 2?
Tier 1 definitely top3 na team
Problem with French teams
Only problem is no good team willing to sign great mastermind Happy.................
Momentum plays a huge role in CS which means predictions are almost always pointless. Whichever team is in form that day will win. Best example is last major champs Cloud9
Best Metal bands of all time
Relevancy and releasing albums are whole different things and I'm not even talking about the quality of these albums. Anyways no point in arguing with a bigoted teen.
Best Metal bands of all time
Don't get me wrong i'm probably a bigger metal fan than you but tell me two relevant metal bands today and I'll let you go.