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NRG Tier 1 or 2?
Tier 1 definitely top3 na team
Problem with French teams
Only problem is no good team willing to sign great mastermind Happy.................
Momentum plays a huge role in CS which means predictions are almost always pointless. Whichever team is in form that day will win. Best example is last major champs Cloud9
Best Metal bands of all time
Relevancy and releasing albums are whole different things and I'm not even talking about the quality of these albums. Anyways no point in arguing with a bigoted teen.
Best Metal bands of all time
Don't get me wrong i'm probably a bigger metal fan than you but tell me two relevant metal bands today and I'll let you go.
Best Metal bands of all time
It is not exactly EDM but whatever and actually no one cares about a dead genre like metal lelelelelel
tl;dw conclusion?
Best Metal bands of all time
I like Iglooghost
france team
France gave them the possible training chance to be able to win a world cup. Stop talking nonsense GERMAN BUDDY.
Ugly guys come here...
He is handsome af. nice bait XD
woxic 2019
I hope woxic won't ever return to TR and play for some tier 15 team here.
Countries By Tier
How is USA tier 2, they have the bigger talent pool than all of the countries in Europe lol
Smooya overrated
He is NOT. 3 days ago no one really cared for him now you say he's overrated? I would say he is underrated.
5th Faze options
All trash lol. Xyp9x would be the perfect player but he's already in the best team XDDD
he is not good good but he's pretty good.