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Zywoo messi s1mple cr7
But he never made fun of your looks?
I agree somewhat Zywoo = S1mple Alex = Electronic(Electronic higher peaks tho) RPK = Boom but after that i think NBK > Zues Apex > Flamie
https://www.hltv.org/matches/2332818/nip-vs-natus-vincere-blast-pro-series-madrid-2019 np mens
But S1mple lost to NIP, therefore fOrest is the best team in the wolrd
But if NRG beat astralis and G2 beat NRG aren't G2 the better EU team?
HOMOPHOBIA on NIP facebook site
Hey phobia doesn't just mean fear, it also means a aversion(a strong dislike) to something, while some company's do use pride as a way to cash grab, I wouldn't say that's the case for NIP considering ...
HOMOPHOBIA on NIP facebook site
Agreed Russia is defo the most if not top 3 most homophobic countries but isn't korea also pretty homophobic? not that any country isn't sadly.
HOMOPHOBIA on NIP facebook site
I think he's talking about the awareness part of it, such as the 2 lesbians in London who were attacked on bus by some guys cuz they wouldn't kiss each other for them.
players in top 10 teams ranked
Agreed with all but I'd say Dupreeh 4th, and the rest pushed up, also I think apex and alex switch some times.
[18+] nude pictures of friend's gf
England worst country ?
Let's be honest, it's the worst place for the French and Polish. We hate them.
JW tweet lmao
Have fun, Laugh a little, It's a joke
JW tweet lmao
JW is saying Xyp9x won't be able to have a word with him since Fnatic won't be coming to blast and Astralis pretty much only goes to blast
[+18?] Guys touching girls without consent
You said and I quote “another guy who has respect does not make any profit about that.” you shouldn’t assume to make profit for being respectful, nor should you be appreciated for not being a cunt.
[+18?] Guys touching girls without consent
+1 typical "nice guy" who thinks he should be rewarded for not doing fucked up shit