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Zywoo frag hunter/baiter/eco fragger
so hes fer/coldzera/device all in one?
fnatic vs Vitality
just like nip qualified with 2-0 )
Heroic vs
he said es3tag was wrecking vp and every polish in chat was talking shit to him. most sensitive fanbase
Heroic vs
blamef triggered polish in chat
sweden come here
whats up with russians voting in other peoples elections?
(highlight) God Hunden
hunter&nexa been carrying g2. they only did bad in their first event without any practice. id say it turned out even better than expected. if you have 8 minutes watch this
old achievements carrying them + recent changes made G2 drop more. it has actual impact too since some events use it for seeding. even if you look at say Malmo where they placed 2nd the 2 teams G2 los...
Lithuanian cs
nah last year was a lot better. nukkye, pounh, kvik are not good enough for top10 and they fell off compared to last year. will have to see how bymas turns out
best player ever
pretty sure flusha lost some weight. looks a lot better after he left C9 and took a break
coL ZywOo
true then col could get french canadians and ensure they play in americas minor
Finest vs Salamander
maybe they play for fun and not money.
CRIMEA chronology
history lesson: if you have nuclear weapons and no way to defend yourself NEVER give them up.
Asterion vs CR4ZY
he did sell them. G2 offered lower amount of $, cr4zy disagreed, G2 signed their players while they were part of cr4zy and challenged cr4zy to sue them, then cr4zy agreed to the lower figure which G2 ...
Asterion vs CR4ZY
theres almost 7 months till the major. if rigon is good enough he will get signed by then. also if cr4zy dont have good enough results maybe ottond and espi will leave after (depending on contract len...