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Lobanjica OMEGALUL
expected from ...
even if u want to help someone/give tips u have to present it super nicely otherwise they think its attack/offensive lmao
Jews = isis
so what youre saying 8.5 million people in middle eastern country > rest of middle east?
watched 1 episode and its decent 8/10. very slow compared to the clip and a bit cliche with all that "ex-soldier" but pretty good atmosphere. idk why but it reminded me black mirror episode with the p...
Tempo Storm vs Valiance
if it was their worst map they wouldnt first ban overpass most of the time (unless braindead ofc)
Tempo Storm vs Valiance
still some exposure. i doubt their salaries are great so if they luck out on someone they can sell them later and also get money back.
Coldzera ego
DeadFox spill it out all on Facebook
Yo les noobs Il y a une difference entre un sniper qui joue pour ses teammates et des teammates qui jouent pour son sniper. Je colead, jorganise toutes nos classiques, nos prises de bp, stuffs etc e...
new phone
new phone
what if china used his phone to write his comment??
no its hltv admins saying: what you gonna do about it? xaxaxaxa
"Should a dispute arise between the user and the disagreement is to be settled after in a danish court, with Byretten in Copenhagen as the first authority."
Rate my pet
he isnt free agent... theres a reason hes not on any team right now
fnatic vs HellRaisers
they tried to defend by kicking golden