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IEM Katowice Major 2019 Grand Final
Why Grand Final is best of 3, instead of best of 5?
LDLC vs OpTic
ez +1.5 LDLC at 1.57
AGO vs Sprout
If you bet on them, then you would have to eat shproti for the rest of the month.
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
OMEGALUL s1mple least frags hahahaha
Lose vs Endpoint
"streamers in poland earn that" ahahahaha. Show me at least one! SHOW ME.
Lose vs Endpoint
lmao. Sjow me the link to job offer from Poland where they offer 25k a month. PLEASE. There is none hahahaha.
Lose vs Endpoint
Just because you say it does, doesn't mean nothing as well. It's the competition kiddo. If someone says there's a spot for 25k per month all the kids in Poland is going to play this game, level of gam...
Lose vs Endpoint
His word is zero worth. I can say that I pay my people 200k per month and you would have no proof I do not. Prove me wrong before you say something. That interview is bs, just to put poles more into g...
Lose vs Endpoint
None of the players now earn 25k per month, nor these poles was payd 25k per month ever. Average salary in their country is below 1000 euros. They never seen 25k on their bank account, I bet that.
Lose vs Endpoint
And stupid people like you believe him lul. What a joke. 25k a month hahahahaha, for a trashy 3 tier player. Yeah, right.
Lose vs Endpoint
No one pays that much to these bogos. Stop throwing that bs around. 25k for a year at most.
Lose vs Endpoint
OMEGALUL. It's not even close.
Lose vs Endpoint
Lmao. This kid barely has any positive k/d ratings in any matches he played.
Lose vs Endpoint
The only player I've ever seen from Lose is byali. And he was one of the worst players on that awful Virtuspro team. No chance for poles here.
SuperJymy vs Minttu
ez 2-0 SuperJymy.