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Virtus.pro vs BIG
vp org what a idiots, stop making full polish squad, they just dont have good players, just take some fpl talants and make eu squad
Polish cs xaxaxaxaxa
Serbia Come
ukraine have good young players, playing really good idk
s1mple fans come
brazil fans have mental problem, they still think that they are good at cs, just look cs streams when better players playing, or when s1mple streaming, this clowns spamming everytime, no matter what h...
s1mple fans come
again this spam about major title xD so messi and cr7 not the best bcs they are not winning wc xDDDDD that's everyone hates you and your friends from jungle, u guys really idiots xD. This is not about...
s1mple fans come
why brazil so salty? man, who cares wtf u spamming this topics, everyone know that s1mple the best cs go player, why u so mad, bcs brazil cs shit or what? bcs 0 brazil players in top6 or what? relax, ...
NaVi bombel4 160 kilos
S1mple 15k
he have always 12+ when he is playing cs, in fpl he have 15+
Youngsters vs Winstrike
Top 5 CSGO teams of all time
imagine picking brazil cs over nip/fnatic haahhahahahaahahhahahahha fnatic won 3 major and all top tournaments, same with nip, they were the best since 2013-2014 have a record on lan 87-0, u pick fkn ...
Why boombl4
not a hater, just a fact, navi dota from top teams with legends to cis trash squad with garbage trash players, after boomich pick ( tier 3 player with 1.01 kd ) navi will be in top 8, navi ceo always ...
Why boombl4
bcs navi managment shit and always was a shit
ninjas in gayjamas xD
NAVI says Hi!
Navi with Boombla
mou not a great pick i think :D