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#1 2019?
hltv confirmed; you're trying to be a comedian
r u a comedian?
DoCc mouz
yeah figured it out from @gosharu1's comment, ty
DoCc mouz
:D ok
Darkest time in your country’s history?
I am sorry for relating you to someone who's brainwashed yet I don't think it's completely out of context whatsoever but ok. They way you wrote #72 it looks like you're almost defending Hitler and the...
Your city at night
DoCc mouz
"chris de jong vindt dit leuk" Does it mean he liked that statement? If so, something's up probably..
DoCc mouz
Darkest time in your country’s history?
report I got a better idea.. maybe u're the one who should THINK here, but yeah then again it's not for everybody.
Darkest time in your country’s history?
and u act like someone who's brainwashed, or maybe you're not acting? Who gives you the right to invade other countries and kill innocent people just so your country gains some advantage (political, i...
Why mouz lost
Partly agree that it's harder to prepare against teams that you haven't played much but mouz is currently ranked in the top 5 and throughout the last year they been considered as one of the best csgo...
OpTic vs mousesports
ikr, it really is painful to watch mouz sometimes :D but I am glad that at least one czech and slovakian player made it ''this far''.. yeah howeever thinking that mouz would be able to get in a form l...
OpTic vs mousesports
I saw the interview right after the match against optic and ChrisJ said himself that they haven't been playing much if at all during the break :D but yeah, now they're playing valiance and it just doe...
OpTic vs mousesports
as a mouz fan I'd like to see them to get through, we'll see..