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I see
no no it's literally relations, not "realations"
Why are you afraid of death?
Oxymoron a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. faith unfaithful kept him falsely true, not really afraid of dying, more like what's gonna happen to me...
Can i kms in a non haram way :)
non halal way
Ugliest logos
:D imagine being someone who actually does stuff like this in his life :D I mean, you either have to be 12 years old or mentally challenged :D
My knee grows
my nose blows
Your favourite relax music
Your favourite relax music
I hope mousesports falls flat
mad cuz, wait lol wtf? stay mad at nz catch some waves 🤙🏼
mouz players cocky?
no need for compassion as Styko, Oskar and LMBT know each other well and surely they talked about it in between at least 4 eyes before they benched Styko.. there are several articles about it as well ...
mouz players cocky?
well well well - welcome to the reality where people just don't shit themselves for a 5th players that has just joined the team and has to prove himself to the team as a player on the server but as a ...
mouz players cocky?
exactly what I wanted to write down.. if you're saying about yoself that you're a good player and I mean GOOD player, then where the heck was snax when they needed him to step up and damn he had a cou...
how much y'all buy your weed for
10 50$
calling out someone who most likely was baiting anyways is a bit more pathetic than in my case..imo. the difference is I kinda sensed he was baiting and if he wasn't, he a dummy, cause Berlin's graffi...