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TyLoo vs 5POWER
Yep, that's what I'm saying? :D
I am in HELL....
33°C here, but weather cast said it should feel like 38°C.
TyLoo vs 5POWER
Yes, in 5power, but none of thais got a visa approved to enter the UK.
B.O.O.T-d[S] vs Devious
Many teams can be insane in practices, to be honest, they just lack experience compared to boot.ds and they have to hold their nerves in the actual match.
TyLoo vs 5POWER
3 stand-ins, every single visa for Thais were denied.
TyLoo vs 5POWER
TyLoo should take this, 5POWER has 3 stand-ins.
Asia Minor - Group A Winners' Match
Should be a win for Renegades, VG has stand-in and I don't believe that sz has enough experience against Renegades.
Asia Minor - Group A Winners' Match
No, it will be boot.ds vs Devious and the winner will replace Signature in the minor. So most likely boot.ds
VG.Flash vs SCARZ Absolute
Will be challenging for VG. Flash to win with a stand-in player.
B.O.O.T-d[S] vs Devious
Should be an easy match for boot.ds
Nomad/staff come here
Yea, I think you have a good point there, but didn't owners force ads at some point? I bring it up, because wouldn't this assume that most of HLTV's users use some kind of ad block?
Nomad/staff come here
Yea, I was thinking about it and it would be so easy to abuse, that it would be really unuseful at the very end.
128 dead - suicide bombing in pakistan
Yep, it's sad that there isn't any way to prevent this. Kind of reminds me about Karrada bombing.
Panorama UI good or bad?
What's up with this polls?, why people are doing them all the time?
128 dead - suicide bombing in pakistan
I saw it too, but it was more like a pile of bodies than anything real graphic, video from Indonesia was a pretty nasty.