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worst major
FACEIT in London was kinda boring, not because of the organisers fault, just so many were 2-0 fights so it was over so quick. I was in the audience, made it not worth the cost lol
I miss him, i hope he makes a comeback on another team to prove to himself and everyone else he ain't done yet
Gays you respect?
Alan Turing, SonicFox, Freddie Mercury. oh myself too tbh.
Sex is Overated +18
a lot more effort than its worth, just wank don't need to buy your hand a meal or presents either, cheaper
opinion on fakeflag?
doesn't bother me, there's trolls anywhere and only an idiiot will judge an entire country based off a few except america, they deserve it
but what if i am gay already tho
EG is trash
love how you said that but your flair is Astralis who EG beat a few times now ok
RIP old cache
cause they're all using fukkin potato PCs
RIP old cache
no if your pc is modern you'll always have > 150 fps still, its only if your PC barely runs CSGO anyway the FPS gets bad
wow i got jebaited
HLTV ruined my life
Cool story bro, really changed my life.
dust 2
if you think dust2 is dogshit, i'd love to hear your opinion of Vertigo, what a masterpiece that is.
Moon landing poll 1969
its obviously real, by now someone who did it would have leaked if it was fake
Guilty Pleasure
same, same
Tricked vs Aristocracy
anyone got the details of why this happened? "** Aristocracy forfeit the first map as they are unable to start at the scheduled time"