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Mythic vs Swedish Canadians
One of the best players on SweCan is playing from Sweden. Quite unfortunate circumstances.
Natus Vincere vs
Pls last time a NaVi fan clowned me for saying it would be a close game VP won. I will be here after the map to clown you if NaVi loses.
Natus Vincere vs
3.32 odds for VP is insane.
Aalborg Rebels vs MOSCOW17
Mibr out of major
Great news, glad to hear it.
GamerLegion vs Syman
so late for Syman jheeez vs Spirit
Feels like SANJI has more room to make plays and find his rhythm on this new VP. Maybe it's because YEKINDAR can make so many solo plays on his own compared to buster that SANJI has more room to shine...
It's funny, because ESEA looks worse making them play 4v5 than they would if they just let them use wippie or another ringer. If teams lose to Oceanus in playoffs with a sub then they deserve to lose ...
Can’t wait for FURIA to destroy these crybabies. FURIA is the shining light of the BR scene.
RIO major crowd come
Probably won't even be a Major this year. EU won't let US players come cause Trump fucked their response up completely.
most overrated player ever
He's not the best player in NA (I don't think people actually believe this apart from YouTube scrubs), but he's definitely the most decorated and most accomplished - this is undeniable.
leaf clips explained
The inferno clip was just covered and debunked. Your only explanation is an unprecedented cheat used by a 16y/o that has never been seen before (Stretching pretty hard). In all likelihood the real exp...
leaf clips explained
+1 it's such a stretch. He's literally saying there's a modern cheat that goes beyond the capabilities that we currently know. All that because leaf's crosshair flicked to ABOVE fer.
ropz rekt fallen