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NASR vs Grayhound
> fan of chelleos nt
Mythic vs Envy
Minecraft YouTuber in Minor Qualifiers POGGERS
NASR vs Grayhound
EZ ster
AVANGAR vs ShotCallers
If AVANGAR lose here I will sell my firstborn child.
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Merci beaucoup
Where are all the immigrants in Portugal?????
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CURRENT STANDINGS BASED ON 146 RESPONSES! (Numbers next to players are based on % of votes) 1. s1mple - (55.5%) 2. dev1ce - (47.9%) 3. NiKo - (48.6%) 4. electronic - (28.1%) 5. dupreeh - (17.1%) 6. N...
Best lineups imo
Don't know if moose would be the best fit for that Canadian team. On paper he's the best but you could use stan instead if he played a better support role.
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I aren't think that fakeflagger
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1. s1mple 2. dev1ce 3. NiKo 4. dupreeh 5. electronic 6. NAF 7. Magisk 8. gla1ve 9. Twistzz 10. coldzera 11. KRIMZ 12. oskar 13. suNny 14. GuardiaN 15. Xyp9x 16. TabseN 17. EliGE 18. valde 19. woxic 20...
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cantwinalan vs Kinguin It’s actually a joke.
cantwinalan vs Kinguin
+1 EUnited managed to make their way to EPL by keeping their Rise Nation core together. Though they’ve made a few minor roster changes along the way, they’ve until very recently kept the main core tog...
cantwinalan vs Kinguin
Let’s be honest here... this is a mix team that found a tiny bit of success in MDL which is the only reason they’re still together. Let’s not pretend that xceed, Mitch, Connor, seb, and grampz are a c...