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Astralis vs NiP
Go nip
Cloud9 vs FaZe
come on c9 pick Nip <3
Astralis revenge vs MI05-0-16-R in Final
NIP will win the final and it will be against MIBR. 2-0 Mark my words
-1 step up your bait
What letter does your name start with
I'm already tracer
Wtf brazil
Hahaha thank you <3 next year inch'Allah i will be there for Marrakech du rire
Wtf brazil
Yeah i saw less tourists in algeria compare to marocco and tunis
Wtf brazil
Marrocans The coolest Algeriens the most welcoming Tunisiens the most happiest. Its only my point of view.
Wtf brazil
I think you are wrong cause the Algérien were they most welcoming of thoses 3 and its true they are very very angry all the time and talk like they are waiting for an upcoming war but they happy when ...
Wtf brazil
Oh hell no xD i wanna go there for the football legacy and for beaches ( the real beaches xD ) thats all
Wtf brazil
Yes i really hope so cause i wanna go to brazil as soon as possible
Wtf brazil
I went to Fès actualy xD and marrakesh too durring the marrakesh du rire cause im french. And went to algeria too and tunis too last year and they all are beautiful and underrated but i dont know why ...
Wtf brazil
Yeah and maybe cause they are trashing a beautiful country ???
Wtf brazil
Its not bait i swear. First time watching this video :/ im really disgused and said because of it
Wtf brazil
Humm i see. You what i did notice there ? County beautiful and rich but people poor and homeless. Thats wierd they dont seems to be happy and looking angry all the time or sad. Can you explain why ple...