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Blue Monday
I've got them pills, you know. They put you in a good mood whatever the day is.
twistzz fragmovie
"Activate Windows" xD.... Come on... Plus using Eminem as background music will most prolly get your video taken down due to copyright claim.
most used gaming mouse
I was there as well. Beautiful days of bunny hopping for 60 meters with one jump.
Ford RS200
car advice
I don't know what the prices are in Germany, but I'd go with a Focus ST. You can easily mod it to reach RS horsepower and they are really fun to drive.
TOP10 Wasted players in 2019
Why Snax? He is now not what he used to be years ago. Just an average player on tier2/3.
TOP10 Wasted players in 2019
I'd add MICHU and Vegi. The first could use a decent team that would enable him to spread wings, the latter needs a propper guidance to become a worldclass pro. None of them can do it if they will sta...
Virtus Semipro
Must disagree. They are relatively fresh team in that squad. Lately been undergoing a lot of changes in their lineup. For me it's too early to decide. They are terribly inconsistent. On T2/T3 lans the...
Car advice?
Yup. I have done some trackdays in Megane R26 and 2008 Megane RS 250 Cup and must say that they are great, balanced and fun to drive cars. But still I'm addicted to permanent, mechanical 4x4 in sports...
Car advice?
Yes, they will use the platform, as of the engines is not yet decided. It doesn't change the fact, that as of yet they haven't used any Renault or Nissan engines.