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top5 polish awpers
Is he? https://www.hltv.org/player/10981/mantuu
teams I miss
Scenechain? How much for a token right now and what are the perspectives for fast future growth?
If they at first had a close lost game with claimed 40% packet loss, and now such a close win with apparently no packet loss....
If the tournament rules allowed for such game and the game was legally won, then the match is won. Ez. Estimating who is better is a completely different thing.
Nah, it's not about that at all. If during a football match a referee makes a decision and then restarts the play, the decision is final and cannot be changed. No matter if it's a foul or a goal that...
faveN FACT
The same way Elige, Shroud, Rush, tabseN (etc.) are Polish... It does not matter where one originates fromif you look as far as 2 generations back.
Your Cars
34/66 torque split makes it really fun to drive. You can get it into stable power drift quite easily if you want to.
Your Cars
Sorry, I was not able to respond yesterday. I'm not really active on HLTV and my replies are limited to 5 due to that. My car originates from the Swiss market and the whale tail rear wing was not hom...
Your Cars
I used to. Right now it's undergoing a complete body overhaul since the rust eats it just like every other Ford of that era.
Your Cars
Your Cars
Your Cars
Nah, most girls don't know what it is. It's just an old escort for them. Anyway I'm married since 7 years...
Your Cars
Ford Escort Cosworth HTT 1995 Larger intercooler, larger oil cooler + turbo oil cooler, hybrid turbo, bosch dark green injectors, mongoose decat exhaust, spax coilovers and some others 425 bhp, 515 Nm...
Forgotten Players
Anyone here remembers Mangiacapra? Man he was good.