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TOP-20 players in 2020
Jks yes he could honestly sneak into a top 10 spot & claim #9 or #10 nothing higher tho. Imo the 20 players in no particular order should be S1mple ZyWoo Device EliGE NiKo Ropz BlameF KSCERATO TabseN...
https://youtu.be/Y-_aDdaRWXQ Mrs. Whoever by Saba Probs my favourite new track
Top5 Washed Up Pros?
Hallzerk was never apart of NiP & while F0rest stats are still decent, he's never going to play tier 1 cs again
Top5 Washed Up Pros?
ye i meant the old school NiP not new Generation
Top5 Washed Up Pros?
All of VP All of NiP All of MiBR
Liquid vs 100 Thieves
odds on 100T getting to double digit rounds?
player tier list 25.08.2020
Tier A. If he keeps carrying 100T he might sneak into the Top 10 this year which would be crazy since 100T have accomplished nothing this year
Best song of the year ?
where did the aussies go
They've definitely fallen off a bit from their form late last year but they can't bring Dexter or INS into the lineup currently. And there isn't any options in NA for Thieves that would improve the li...
Haha BIG Go Bye Bye
Imagine being #1 & coming last at your Country's BIG event
Chaos vs 100 Thieves
IMO every time Chaos has huge upsets its when they have days to prepare & antistrat. So i don't think Chaos will replicate their performance against the boys.
FURIA vs Gen.G
Chaos vs 100 Thieves
Come on boys book the ticket to the semis
FURIA vs Gen.G
Jks! Fkn release the ninjas Scotty you lil cheeky cunt. YTB
FURIA vs Gen.G
Ofc we have to vs Furia in lower bracket so we will finish last. This roster is finished.