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Best Major MVP?
Coldzera at Cologne 2016 was unstoppable so i'd go him
Worst player in tier 1 team
SANJI or Aerial
Major TO?
yeah & they normally have the online qualifiers, then closed qualifiers, then the minor. Normally the online qualifiers are like 2 months before the minor so technically the online qualifiers in some ...
Major TO?
when they going to announce the location & organiser surely it has to be any day now coz online qualifiers should be starting soon.
Astralis vs 100 Thieves
I would love to see 100T upset here but since Astralis just smacked ViCi they're proving they're awake & i don't give the bois much chance.
Genuine vs Grayhound
ffs 2nd season in a row Grayhound have forfeited their spot in the playoffs. I want to see them win the Global Challenge :(
Grayhound to renegades?
either signing Grayhound or making a roster from NA full of free agents. With Shahzam, Dephh, SicK, Jdm, Hiko, N0thing, Moose, WARDELL, TenZ, Yay, Zellsis, Vice, Infinite & Steel all free agents they ...
Grayhound vs Bren
1 hour delay wtf. Last tournament in Indonesia.
FURIA vs 100 Thieves
100Thieves steal my heart
Top 5 teams on each map atm
ye NaVi losing to Heroic on train really put the nail in the coffin that their Train isn't good atm.
Top 5 teams on each map atm
CR4ZY actually a good mirage team but without NEXA & Hunter they wouldn't beat any of the teams in the current top 5.
Top 5 teams on each map atm
ye not the best results but no other top teams really play it so based off furia's form after starseries i'd be pretty confident they could beat every t2 team on it.
FURIA vs 100 Thieves
pretty stupid that one of these guys wont be in finals. However if Krieg is nerfed before this game Renegades should get the dub.
MIBR vs Renegades
Vitality vs Renegades
mate last tournament Renegades were at was Major where they made semis. Unless you're referring to Pro League where they played pretty good & only dropped a map to Liquid who were on their A game.