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Astralis vs Renegades
ye those maps are their strongest if they end up on Dust 2 or Overpass they'll get pumped unless they've been preparing on those maps a lot. To be fair they never played Nuke & surprised us so who kno...
Astralis vs Renegades
Astralis Ban Cache Renegades Ban Dust 2 Astralis Pick Nuke Renegades Pick Mirage Astralis Remove Train Renegades Remove Overpass Inferno Was Left Over 16-8 14-16 16-13 Astralis 2-1 but my boys will ...
Renegades vs ViCi
Renegades Remove Nuke ViCi Remove Dust 2 Renegades Pick Cache ViCi Pick Train Renegades Remove Overpass ViCi Remove Mirage Inferno Was Left Over Renegades 2-0 16-6 16-13 MVP = jks YTB!
MVP PK vs Grayhound
MVP PK Removed Overpass Grayhound Removed Train MVP PK Pick Inferno Grayhound Pick Dust 2 MVP PK Remove Nuke Grayhound Remove Cache Mirage Was Left Over 16-11 8-16 14-16 Grayhound 2-1 MVP = Dexter ...
Renegades vs mousesports
Renegades remove Nuke Mouz remove Overpass Renegades pick Inferno Mouz pick Mirage Renegades remove Dust 2 Mouz remove cache Train was left over Inferno: 16-13 Mirage: 7-16 Train: 11-16 MVP SuNny
Heroic vs Renegades
lmao nt scammer
TYLOO vs Heroic
TyLoo vs Heroic
Heroic vs Renegades
Renegades Ban Nuke Heroic Ban Cache Renegades Pick Mirage Heroic Pick Train Renegades Remove Overpass Heroic Remove Inferno Dust 2 Was Left Over As much as I really want my Renegades to win this game...
best youtuber from ur country?
Superwog Fitz (even tho he a kiwi we will claim him) FriendlyJordies Issac Butterfield HowToBasic MaxMoeFoe Jimi Jackson (again he is kiwi but im claiming him) Neel Kolhatkar Racka Racka & of course ...
i rate your life
16 Australia SEM 1005 Ceral Then Milk
I guess if you virgin
1. Astralis & dev1ce 2. 16 3. Ugly 4. Liverpool 5. VP were once great now just an average tier 3 team. Not even best in Poland. C9 had a quick peek can return to form with GLDN as IGL. FaZe has potent...
OpTic vs Renegades
OpTic Bans Cache Renegades Bans Nuke OpTic Picks Inferno Renegades Picks Mirage OpTic Removes Train Renegades Removes Overpass Dust 2 Was Left Over OpTic to win first map then choke on mirage & get s...
RNG need a roster change
let Nifty go back to main awping & bring in Dexter to take over igl. He is also a good secondary awper & would help take some pressure of Nifty. USTILO out for Liazz would be good. Jkaem doesn't reall...
Renegades vs Space Soldiers
Roster change for Renegades if they lose this Full ANZ Team -Nifty -Jkaem -AZR +liazz +dexter +Sico +Spunj (Coach)
Renegades disband
I think Nifty & Jkaem might be moved on if they have a bad game like they have against BIG & Gambit. Would like to see Renegades go back to full ANZ team with Gratisfaction & Liazz coming in would be ...