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Complexity part ways with peacemaker
Cold and him wanted to build a competitive team. Fallen and co wanted The Last Dance. Col sided with Fallen. Col will sign the brazilians, boltz to replace coldzera. Fallen, fer, fnx, boltz, VINI You...
G2 aleksib
He was fired from G2, but he could catch up with the guys in some other team can't he? imagine if Envy goes shopping for example..
Liquid Mantuu
OG should keep valde and niko and build a dannish roster at this point MSL valde niko NaToSaphiX⁠ Bubzkji⁠ (or aizy if money is a problem, or even Farlig)
Furia's new lineup and Liquid
G2 aleksib
Between G2 and Vitality kicking their french players, there's a good team to be made here: Jackz Amanek KennyS misutaa NBK malek to coach
NAF extends contract with Liquid
+1 Liquid must have given him a major increase in his paycheck lol
Autimatic might be a good choice There's also jks, tarik, rush
That makes sense I don't think this new Liquid roster will be competitive
Furia's new lineup and Liquid
Ok Akkari And sorry, I only believe in Roque Marques
Furia tier 1
Furia tier 1
I know, I'll give you that but the trio is a closed package, can't have one without the other Think of it as get_right in dignitas. They put him there for the nostalgia only to kick him shortly after
Furia tier 1
Fallen Fer Cold Yuurih Kscerato
Furia's new lineup and Liquid
Yeah, I believe so, but it was a lot higher than Furia offered him. He could've made a 3 months contract with Furia to complete and play the major but for some reason he denied. My guess is money.
Furia's new lineup and Liquid
He just went to col to get those fat paychecks kkkkk But the trio is not 'the last dance'. Taco woudn't leave godsent now and fnx is just a meme, I think the guys still want to be competitive.