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I'm ill AMA
>not mentally ill >19k comments on hltv pick one
IP banned
some retarded got ip banned while using the same mobile provider as u, msg johnny e maybe?
Dead Scene
Because astralis is the only team that has real teamplay? This was my point in the beginning, cs isn't harder rn, it's just that astralis is the only team that can actually play together all the time,...
Dead Scene
not really, he streams more than he actually practices
Dead Scene
astralis just won a major using 5 aug's on ct side
Dead Scene
Sitting and holding angles with aug is hard? I would argue faster movement awp and jumping scout shots were much harder...
Dead Scene
And yet teams are extremely inconsistent and are unable to use their team play and strats when it matters the most...
Dead Scene
Dead Scene
liquid relay on the fragging of twistzz and elige more than on real strats/structure which is why they constantly get fucked on by astralis, a team with structure and excellent teamplay...
Dead Scene
nah, most teams are rly inconsistent b/c they have no real structure and relay on young pugstars
Based Highschoolers
they are retarded, but tbh if ppl would record me and my friends at parties we would probably also get torched for saying dumb/racist shit...
Dead Scene
nah, most legends are retired or close to retirment at this point, none of them are as good as they were back then, and the up and coming players are kinda trash compared to prime kennys, shox and f0r...
pokimane racist
so if i'm from siberia, i can call other ppl chinks?
pokimane racist
she's trying to act black lul
Dead Scene
>most competitive CS scene ever Astralis wins all majors and almost all big events in the past year