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Fellow Brits
Well though I'm sure this is for obvious reasons I think I would prefer a coup to Corbyn being PM. That being said, common sense is always needed and its so abundantly clear that these soldiers should...
Fellow Brits
communist and terrorist sympathiser
Fellow Brits
I don't see whats wrong with this, most of britain doesn't like Corbyn and that's simply because he's been such a cunt to his own party let-alone those who oppose. I don't think its unreasonable to sa...
Fellow Brits
Referring to the soldiers? Corbyn is barely a man, he cries when something goes against him and leads a party who dislike him. I think youre quite clearly clueless b8er nice try men ;)
why is weed illegal?
America wanted to arrest black people, we just wanted to do what america was doing.
R8 my ping
So you just close to the server youre pinging :/
depression of western civilization
Sound advice man
American healthcare
Unrelateable coz nhs but have some chill english culture music to make u calm
depression of western civilization
So did this dude mention how to cure?
depression of western civilization
everything is relative
computer experts come here or u gay
Does your monitor show power? does it have a "no input" or the like or is it turned off? Try switching your PC cable with your monitor, maybe you have a defective monitor in this case. A port on your...
is this guy hacking ?
Polish tier 1 team
XD +1
gimme ur ENDGAME leaks
just like rip and tear them both into a ball of people bits?
gimme ur ENDGAME leaks
How would this not mangle them