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MIBR doesn't need to be totally BR
Why repeating a joke two times, mate? It won't make it fun #24
MIBR doesn't need to be totally BR
brazil + usa <3
Name check out
hehe u funny
NA and BR connection
[...] "or NA < - > EU" [...]* Fixed.
Cold won't leave mibr
You're right. Don't believe in COLDZERA words that HE will stay in MiBR. CONSISTENT, the HLTV official checker of facts is a way more RELIABLE source and he confirms that COLDZERA is leaving.
Cold won't leave mibr
Hey, I'm sorry but your post doesn't make sense! "Coldzera", which real name is Marcelo Augusto David is alive! You can check in his most recent apparitions in videos, there's no way a dead person co...
Cold won't leave mibr
I'm sorry, I was too busy putting my dick inside three super models that are waiting for me in bed right now. FeelsBadMan
Brazilians come here
You tried, and you failed, now that he said how ridiculous you were you're pretending "dindu nothing", read again xDDDDDD that's not an insult attemptive
most underrated game
ITT: people that don't know what "underrated" means talking about good rated or overrated games as if they were underrated.
most underrated game
How is Tibia underrated???
Simple salary
There's a reason why the Dollar is the international cell: it's the more stable coin in the market. So no, "Euro" is not better than Dollar. You have a down in your prices because of your economic blo...
Simple salary
Because if he decide to take a trip to Greece someday, he could buy the whole country with $1 and make it his personal training place.
Natus Vincere vs BIG
Couldn't care less about a guy from the other side of the world hating me
Best WC so far
If he plays in a shit league, he got it easy, if he plays in a hard league, he got it easy? What's your point?