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Just watched this. Damn when Astralis is on a good day they're just unstoppable.
EU 2nd worst CSGO region?
Astralis is the best team in the world. But that does not change anything I said. If EG and Liquid want to show that their current dominance is not sterile, the best way to prove it is to win a Major,...
ugliest pro?
all hail Gaben Jr
EU 2nd worst CSGO region?
"we all know NA has EG(NRG) and Liquid at top level" Then it's really time for them to get a Major. Those low-ass 250.000 USD events are almost just there to distract us.
The USA and Europe have a lot in common. Compared to most other countries we are still at the top of the ranking in almost all areas. the other well ranked countries are the "Four Asian Tigers". The c...
nerf krieg
At the time the Aug was OP everyone shed a tear when talking about meta change etc etc etc .... IMHO the Krieg is even easier to use. Either the Aug returns to his previous power, or the Krieg must be...
EU kids joking about 9/11
I'm not joking about it. Many people died by an horrible way. But you have harvested one thousandth of what you have sown. It was the CIA that formed Bin Laden. The US has been at war or involved in w...
india space program fuck-up
That's a great thing for them but i think that India should put more budget on its social and health policies than on space missions and military stuff.
AVANGAR vs Astralis
a final of a Major deserves a bo 5 more than any other game.
*they dominated for 4 month. No major = No era
Why ppl give attention to that kind of pathetic dude trying to get a life via streams ? He doesn't even deserve you to quote him bro.
Why ? There are more strangers than English players in the Premier League. And even if it was not the case, why people couldn't cheer for a team with their own reasons ( playstyle, favorite player, hi...
Thx :) One day if i'm rich enough i would really like to come to USA for a long trip , there are so many awesome places in your country i could not even know what to start with ^^
Don't be that guy my friend. It was just an inoffensive joke. Btw if you want to see what a shithole looks like, i suggest you to look at Somalia or Irak