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kick xizt ffs
hobbit wife
8/8 nc try prokda
Woxic is much better than oskar because oskar often struggles to find motivation. I know that oskar is propably better but he said many times that he dont like to play the game when he start taking it...
I think this is more accurate
[20+] R8 SJOKZ
She's thicc AF xd no but propably 7/10 I'd smash..
No1 knows xd
ENCE matchfix proof
russians come here
you wouldnt see this without russians xd
Wait a second why? i mean there are qualifiers anyone can attend so its not like they don't have the opportunities they just aren't good enough to qualify that's it and if any girl was seriously good ...
turks superteam
nt 0/8
Yeah just put new player to team that needs proper IGL
NA in nutshell
I'm seriously hurt i mean we have the cringiest president ever but donald is getting really close :D so better watchout for him xd or you drop behind us in your mad ranking xd because like we have bet...
Faze Adren
I would rather take ropz from mouz i think he will peak higher than sunny because he is younger and still goes to school..
Faze Adren
If you think teams don't need support why did mouz without support went so bad I mean now they play bad even with support but thats just them choking..