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ariana grande
I would eat her pussy like shwarma
saying "jew" racist?
He used it as a bad thing so yeah , its like I will call you a stupid christian , you are christian so why am I pointing it out ? to use it as an insult . Pretty stupid tbh we are all fucking human wt...
Maple vs Beyond
Any maplestory niggas in the crowd ?
(18+) natural phenomenon
Palestine SAD!
What a brainwashed retard oh my god
Palestine SAD!
Yeah free palestine from themselves and from hamas ( that they picked btw ) who spends all the money they get from Qatar etc on terrorism , truly amazing !
Palestine SAD!
It is truly insane , I am sure that most israelis wouldn't care for them to live with us in israel in peace but it wont happen because they are so focused on getting the whole country and getting rid ...
Palestine SAD!
You can deny it and ignore it but it is a fact that they are playing the victims, they get so much money that they throw on terrorism instead of developing gaza ( even if Israel belongs to them (which...
jews deserve better
Media brainwashed 3rd worlder spotted
Holocaust/WW2 movies
Yeah lets cancel the one day that reminds all of jews about the holocaust , fuck the 6m people that died because of braindead people like you go kys
Just watched endgame
That came out wrong
Your dream in life?
Fuck mia khalifa the arab princess
Russian girls
Hot af and slutty until they turn 30 when they become fat pigs nigga guacamole
[+18] rate girl i think 10/10
can brazilians say nigga ?