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Sad for Guardian
more than that im saying that its time to go, he is just wasted potential in faze, and cs teams are less and less about nationality so anybody would want him
Sad for Guardian
idc about money, major or no major, and right now you can guess how many they got i agree with you cloud9 were just the luckiest motherfuckers ever, but still guardian just carried those finals, just ...
he is good but overrated, he slips away from to much shit, you can be really good but if you are getting a red card constantly you are only hurting the team, and in my opinion he should even get more ...
Sad for Guardian
S1mple wanted to be an awper, but they could give him the second awper position, that story is weird, i dont feel like S1mple would just press Guardian to go away But S1mple back then was more toxic, ...
because the referees are in Real madrid Wallet, he just gets away from so much bullshit, i hate him, he his top 30 defenders max
Pick'EM Easy Platinum
but they looked kinda bad in groups, i dont think they can win astralis, lets see, good luck dude
Sad for Guardian
who the fuck cares about shit events, those are just for money, the only thing that matters is the major, and he has been carrying faze for a long time, he could carry any team, no need to go to faze
great at football hahahaahah, he just abuses the referee, he is toxic and cant win the ball without killing the player in posession
Pick'EM Easy Platinum
same for me, but i hope navi win
Sad for Guardian
he should have never left navi, faze is a dead team
s1mple stats
Zeus whatever but Edward really deserves a major, i will be really sad if he retires without one, same for guardian, props for the guy
what is happening to s1mple
+1 S1mple nice guy > Old S1mple
s1mple delusional
Zeus and s1mple
Zeus > All players from any game
s1mple stats
Astralis fan supporting Navi hahaha, well gl on the pickems dude