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Nba predicts day 11 + skin
76ers vs Oklahoma - OKC (Embiid) Charolotte vs Suns - Charlotte (Kemba) Detroit vs Sacramento - Sacramento (Blake Griffin) Indiana vs Dallas - Indiana (Luka) Orlando vs Milwaukee - Milwaukee (giannis)...
Nba predicts day 10 + skin
Boston vs Memphis - Boston Detroit vs Miami - Miami Orlando vs Brooklyn - Brooklyn Minnesota vs Spurs - Spurs Utah Jazz vs Cavs - Jazz GSW vs Clippers - GSW Pelicans vs Portlant - Pelicans
Nba predicts day 8/9 + skin
Today matches: Detroit vs Orlando - Detroit Boston vs Toronto - Toronto Houston vs Brooklyn - Houston Memphis vs Milwaukee - Milwaukee Dallas vs Spurs - Spurs Portland vs Cavs - Portland GSW vs Pelic...
Nba predicts day 7 + skin
Indians vs Suns - Indiana 76ers vs Minnesota - Minnesota Atlanta vs Oklahoma - Oklahoma Milwaukee vs Miami - Milwaukee Denver vs GSW - GSW Lakers vs Chicago Bulls - Lakers
Nigger is neutral word
wow you guys sure are edgy and cool
Trump supporters are bitches lul
thanks VeryBigGuy should be VeryBigBrainGuy
TOP6 %100
1-ScreaM 2-kennyS 3-shroud 4-pronax 5-shox 6-forskin
what more does astralis need?! jesus, the best player on the 2nd best player in the world cant even have a top 5 spot?!
naf had higher adr, kpr, rating in 2018 just sayin
Nba predicts day 6 + skin
depends on individual matchups plus usually teams lose on the second night of a back-to-back pretty regularly (explains a lot of upsets)
Nba predicts day 6 + skin
Boston vs Brooklyn - Boston Memphis vs Houston - Houston Charlotte Hornets vs Spurs - Spurs Utah Jazz vs Detroit - Jazz Portland vs Sacramento - Kings Pelicans vs Clippers - Pelicans
Nba predicts day 4 + skin
Detroit vs Clippers - Detroit Memphis vs Miami - Miami Boston vs Orlando - Boston Pelicans vs minnesota - Pelicans Spurs vs Oklahoma - OKC Denver vs Suns - Denver Chicago vs Utah Jazz - Utah Hornets v...
Nba predicts day 3 + skin
Nba predicts day 3 + skin
Atlanta vs 76ers - 76ers Milwaukee vs Wizards - Wizards Pacers vs Knicks - Pacers Brooklyn vs Toronto - Toronto Cavs vs Houston - Houston Dallas vs Minnesota - Minnesota Lakers vs Utah Jazz - Jazz Cha...
Nba predicts day 2 + skin
Heat Nuggets Spurs Kings