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pick up artist
You know what works even better than trying to learn pick up skills when it comes to attracting women? Going to the gym.
Shroud Opinions
Why do you care if other people care about Shroud? We live in an age where everyone feels the need to have an opinion on everything, even if that thing has no bearing on them and is completely inconse...
Lord od the rings roleplay in forest
I'll be the wizard with the long gray beard... Dumbledore, was it?
Tinder is so hard for guys.
I used to get a ton of likes/matches but had zero social skills so it was still a challenge. Used it for a year or two and ended up with a girlfriend. Still a shitty app overall.
Crypto bubble bursting?
Good. I hope every idiot who thinks they're a genius investor for making profit from an imaginary currency loses everything they own.
Pokimane Hot Tub Stream tomorrow
I know this is a joke, but seriously why do people actually watch hot tub streams by average looking girls on Twitch? Like, why not just watch fucking porn? I don't get it.
3day weeknd or UBI
3 day weekend easily. One more day a week you don't have to slave away in an office would increase quality of life drastically more than a little extra money.
>Buy skins >Wait a year for skin prices to naturally increase >Sell at a profit >All skill lol
Are... are you actually investing in CS:GO skins with the goal of making a profit? Lol, go play the lottery instead.
how's your fps on Ancient?
Don't know. Haven't played it. Thanks for asking.