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I'm half Bulgarian half Russian. I love Counter-Strike, HLTV and also enjoy speedrunning. I work for major gambling company but I never gamble myself.
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Smartest pro player
Only NA players flag checks out... bring some diversity to your list or expand it with European players as well
Where u from?
our mom
official HLTV tier 1 user list
I hope to make the list at one day but unfortunately can't afford the time to spend too much on HLTV :( but dreams won't die
Brazillians come here!!!!
+1 I strongly dislike SK and I still think it's a retarded move and it actually triggers me
SK and FaZe fix
nothing to fix just should put their shit together and start playing some counter-strike
A day of upsets
A day of justice and "jetlag" excuses (tho in all fairness I don't know how they cope, whenever I travel long distances I feel so fucking terrible I can barely have the strength to spell my name - pla...
About money
you're welcome :) we HLTV users are a community and should help each other in tough times :) some nice words is the least we can do
About money
it's just you being "homesick"... you'll get over it. I live away from my family as well and money is the thing that pays my bills, my food, my way to help my family from afar etc... so money is very ...
I I think we will show our real face with Xizt at this event
I just dojn't like stewie in general. He's just one of these typical overrated PUG pros. Like hes good but nothing spectacular... communication wise... yeah definitely. I remember that Guardian had to...
I I think we will show our real face with Xizt at this event
stewie for taco was really not a great move in all honesty I have no idea why they went this roster change instead of just trying to sort it out with their actual good roster
Faze and SK LOSS REASON In here
kick taco sign stewie best move? I aren't think that.
Valve could be worse
riot lol ;D what exactly did riot fix so much league is almost the same game as it was at the beginning... of course they made some very general overhaul over the years but it took them what like 10 y...
Climate change
Oh don't get me wrong :) Even if the global climate change is irreversible that doesn't mean that we have to go all out and poison the air as much as we can.. something that we're currently doing as a...
cerq cerq cerq cerq cerq EZ 5 AWP major winner in the making
Going to a party help
if he want to fuck without getting drunk he'll have to go later since if goes lets say at around 23:00 chances are people will be drunk already and he won't have to destroy his liver in order to get l...