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Zywoo or Simple?
Pimp is a huge yes man tho? I loved ynk and I love Thorin/Spunj on the desk for that reason
Coca Cola price in your country
Crowd call-out
oh those guys are fucking idiots, no doubt
Crowd call-out
Honestly this is just an example for a "oh shit" reaction from the crowd, no intentional position shouting. That's always going to happen.
Astralis Era is OVER
Liquid isn't even close to an era. Like actually not even close to being close lol
EU 10 majors, NA 1 major lol
Astralis Era is OVER
wtf lmao
I will judge you
I think the problem in the US is that the main point of discussion is "Republicans vs Democrats" and not "how can we improve life in our country". So I think Republicans intentionally ignore the negat...
I will judge you
I think the definition is people born around 1990. But I'm not talking about a specific age group, I was born in 1994 myself. I'm talking about people that are extremely easily offended etc.
I will judge you
Yeah it is, can't listen to it anyways. Why do you think his constant obvious lying doesn't get him into more trouble? And do you think the same rhetoric would work in let's say the Netherlands or S...
I will judge you
I will judge you
I honestly think that wouldn't work in any well developed country in Europe. I wrote my Bachelors thesis on Trumps rhetoric and I swear I've never seen such limited vocabulary from anyone haha. Do yo...
I will judge you
Applies to everything btw, not just being gay. (religion, etc.)