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0.9999 = 1 or 0?
Ye i found, and it was made same way as 1+2+3+4= -1/12 .... I would argue that this way below: x = 0.(3) /*10 10x = 3.(3)/-x 9x = 3 x = 1/3 but imo problem with infinity is somewhere here Let's mak...
0.9999 = 1 or 0?
It's the problem with infinity, that cannot be defined. In addition i didnt hear it was proven, but it was accepted as number 0.(9) is so close to 1 that there is no other number between 1 and 0.(9). ...
0.9999 = 1 or 0?
you just proved that 1/3 is not 0.333333 and you still need explanation ? it's because 1/3 * 3 = 1 then 1/3 =/ 0.3333 cuz 0.333*3 is 0.999, it is never gonna get to 1, but in math it would be problem ...
lul ? EG is so fck overrated, i cannot believe xD fnatic, liquid >> EG
pros who deserve better
pros who deserve better
V4D1M to NaVi
i still think guardian is going to get his form back, he can be really sick, especially at huge events like majors, beside they picked up guardian cuz he is most experienced player they could get, sec...
f0rest >>>>>>>> NEO
1.6 neo >>> forest go forest >>>>>>>>>> neo
Lol vs csgo
Lul, cs go - 50 tournaments per year where in most of them we can see all t1 teams, while in lol there are 2 season regional, 1x msi with only best at their region and finally worlds where all best te...
pasha new team
why would olof leave faze ?
Best French speaking team?
apex , kioshima, scream > amanek
FaZe disgustins
he already said "lower life forms"
everyone know it
Olof millionaire
imagine team who wins major with 2-0 results in playoffs