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no skill game
due to the nature of latency and lag peeking csgo will never be a skill based game. it relies too much on reflexes and lucky peeking. almost all games are determined from luck during rounds. this is w...
no skill game
calm down son if csgo is what u think it is just quit it theres no need to take it so seriously, let alone bitch about it on hltv
Vitality vs North
comments like this show that there is no end to stupidity lmao
Vitality vs North
Are u KamaraD 2.0?
Syman vs Gambit
U just realised? They have been like that for a couple of months
Astralis Disqualify ?
country and IQ checks out
Astralis Disqualify ?
R!OT vs Skyfire
how much bro?
Gambit vs Nemiga
Yes, gambit is still as trash
Isurus vs Santos
haha kid im helping u man u chill out look at yr language vs my language rofl angsty AF
Win Scrims Not Matches vs Bravado
Yea ex vireo pro, they did well but not enough to retain their sponsor i Guess
Isurus vs Santos
bro Im just warning u to keep yr mouth shut man, especially when i saw yr comment history calm the fuck down man its just map 1 I bet on santos but its not over yet Santos is not
Isurus vs Santos
HAHA you again, fail predict one after another just stfu alr don't embarrass yourself further man lmao
Vitality vs Valiance
Optic has never been good at dust 2, and vitality aren't that good either... Vitality only played it vs optic cuz they know optic aren't that good. Valiance bans cache, Vitality bans dust2, decider m...
Spacestation vs Win Scrims Not Matches
Flying penguins :D