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HellRaisers vs MAJESTY
+1, HR just doesn't play convincingly as a team LOL
HAVU vs Aristocracy
Havu picking train instead of dust2 I smell throw
HAVU vs Aristocracy
bad odds? personally I dont bet on odds below 2.5 Its like betting a chicken, if u lose u lose a whole chicken, and if u win u only win a chicken wing
HAVU vs Aristocracy
nah, u just never bet on these kind of odds, it doesn't matter if its astralis playing or not The returns are just not worth the investment...
Road to $700 (from $5)
If u wanna do it you have to learn the skill yourself, not ask others to help you.. Alternatively, u can learn how to bet by virtual betting on and aim to win some skin prizes. ...
+999, throwing free rounds...
nrg always does bad on first game of lan, I don't think maps against nrg were that indicative of how good they actually are...
+1, support our asian bros
if mibr leaves dust2 for decider map tyloo will win it
Hard Legion vs GamerLegion
Which legion? :p
Heretics vs Izako Boars
haha, IB could have easily won it tbh I kinda forgot about the LULbet factor
Heretics vs Izako Boars
Nah, IB will win 2-0...
HAVU vs Nemiga
The thing is map3 will likely be overpass which is 50/50 for both teams So if nemiga gets lucky and wins a few clutch rounds they can win the series
HAVU vs Nemiga
sad thing is they wont get to play it this series hence nemiga will win lmaoo
AVANT vs Chiefs
No they can't, both are 0-2 while GH and ORDER are alr 2-1...