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MIBR vs Natus Vincere
MIBR vs Natus Vincere
Overpass (Navi) Train (MiBR) Inferno
MIBR vs Natus Vincere
mibr wont risk a more skill dependent map for a decider
BOOT-d[S] vs play4fun
Its just Singapore man
Vault vs Blight
You finally got my point which was what I told him in the initial post. And yea, when I don't know much about these teams, I just do small yolos on huge underdogs or skip. No need to risk money, simpl...
W7M vs Santos
Santos actually played close to isurus and won DETONA on mirage which is one of the latter's best maps so I would say their aim is sound even if they havent been together for a long time. I already me...
W7M vs Santos
these brazilians practice train in their fpl matches and their mm so Im not suprised that these games are close AF based on their skill levels Yea I am retard thats why I won a thousand on this game ...
Vault vs Blight
I never said "on par" I just said "way worse" is some definitive retard
W7M vs Santos
lol any other team will lose with this odds and you would say they fix? cmon bruh if u know this will happen den only bet on worthy underdogs and abstain on favourites
W7M vs Santos
again retards will say w7m throw, yes they have been performing well recently, but if u look at the players on santos they are actually good lower tier players who have been in the scene in a long tim...
Astralis vs FaZe
Vault vs Blight
It is not hard to understand this, your brain is just too small to understand that the difference in qualities of these teams are often magnified by smart alecks like you And then when you make wrong...
Vault vs Blight
How do you quantify “way worse”? It is all relative
Vault vs Blight
NAH i didnt even bet on this game, just stating the truth that you don’t simply rule out a teams relative strength versus another
EURONICS vs Smoke Criminals
Free win for one’ll know if you are smart enough