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R8 this nike
only hltv vip users can see the link
Actually have a city in USA called ''brazil''
More lul from Brazil politics
the left is dead here, even if haddad wins( what is pretty hard, bolsonaro is winning in electoral research 58x42) they don't will have the congress support to do their ''government project''
Prove it or i will
kill my self
Bolsonaro SON
#1 Country
i think usa at least when you go talk about salaries - cost of living is the best low taxes good salaries low cost of living i really would like live there, switzearland you gonna have good salaries...
Bolsonaro x Haddad. BR Politics
b17 new religion
girl vs bolsonaro (GORE) (+16)
only communists died in the Brazilian dictatorship, Communists are not people, who cares?
R8 Brazil
do you prefer to pass the risk of your country becoming a new venezuela or a right-wing man with some ridiculous thoughts? He will win, and i will vote for him, I believe in him, He said he evoluted, ...
R8 Brazil
Im not argument it was good, but their population have the right to decide the most important things, like leave EU.
R8 Brazil
this guy is british? his accent is so hard to understand jesus
R8 Brazil
what is wrong with brexit? you are against freedom?
fake news, we dont are talking about argentina
why you hate Poland
europe is hyprocrite* u guys do it with us, when a random brazilian spited in a player, everyone called us a monkey and the same shits as always( normal, I even not care more) when taco be called a mo...