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stewie rumors
+1 he fucked the team completely by getting nitr0 kicked. He's a tumor on every team he joins, hopefully he joins some shit tier 2 NA team and becomes irrelevant.
Liquid without Nitr0
the difference is that niko is a good player
Liquid without Nitr0
or just dropped stewie for grim, kicking nitr0 and getting moses for coach was easily the dumbest roster move of 2020
#1 & #2
I haven't watched cs in 4 months, and I come back to see heroic at #1, LUL the scene must've gotten even shittier
Liquid vs Mythic
+1 even when they were slumping this year I still enjoyed supporting them because it was basically the same core from early 2016 that I originally had become a fan of.
Liquid vs Mythic
I am but I really can't cheer for the team until stewie is kicked. I'd really prefer it if Elige just left the team, it doesn't even feel like TL anymore.
Liquid vs Mythic
no I stopped being a fan after they kicked nitr0 and adreN and decided to keep stewie as igl. It's such a terrible roster move. I also don't agree with making Moses a coach when they had a chance at...
they wouldn't delay the election over his death. The electorals would just count any "for trump" votes as "for pence" votes.
Astralis knows bug abuser players
isn't Mibr already dead lol?
a usual or an usual
yeah I'm pretty sure it's always "an SOS" and "an honor"
a usual or an usual
"a usual" because usual is pronounced with a "y" sound. For A/An it's based off what the following word sounds like, not what it's first letter is.
will csgo die to valorant? lmao
I don't think CSGO will ever recover in NA though, and it's there will never be an asian scene now.