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They really need to kick Get_right if they wanna make it to a major, he's holding them back
either nv, heroic, godsent, optic, or Ago. Not nip, nip chokes at minors and has been consistently losing to shit tier teams at every major event for the past 2 years
Minors Winners
NiP is just gonna choke again and lose to Ence or Kinguin
-NAF when?
1.29 map 2 tho
FaZe vs Liquid
I think he was still moving tbh
FaZe vs Liquid
depends on which liquid shows up, if they play like they did against mouz then they have no chance
olof can get better offers tho
Smoking cigarettes
+1, just makes the girl look trashy
hes probably gonna get better offers from c9 or even fnatic to replace golden.
k1o ScreaM kjaerbye rpk mixwell already better than G2 will ever be
they'd probably have to get a washed up awper like maikelele or fox, they're better off just playing without a dedicated awper.
Did Flusha Ever Cheat?
https://imgur.com/a3NeC6B https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbVRcf0qIr4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGb48bYyj20 and i think some of the VP players even said they'd beat the shit outta flusha beca...
Did Flusha Ever Cheat?
It kinda helped him know if someone was around the corner, about to enter on the site, etc. It's not just about helping him aim.
Did Flusha Ever Cheat?
It's extremely likely he cheated before, the shit he did was insane and it's the only time i can recall where majority of players in the scene openly accused someone of cheating. He obviously doesn't...
Ska to Retire
Check news tomorrow ;)