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liquids new coach
I think itll be someone to help them with strats, kinda similar to zonic. I'd say SeanGares.
BRAZIL will have more players at the minor then NA
the 2 best players are canadian, but the next top 8 are american so it doesn't really say much.
BRAZIL will have more players at the minor then NA
BRAZIL will have more players at the minor then NA
NA is gonna win the major tho so it doesn't matter
Gla1ve cheats thorin says
not cheating, but valve should really fix that. It would be interesting if TO's made it so enemies didn't show up on the radar at all, making teams rely more on their comms.
Weakest CS era of all time
Because faze, navi, and until recently mibr, are just holding onto dead rosters that have no chance of being a consistent #1 team. If all 3 orgs made roster changes, along with the roster changes on ...
why not just link the tweet?
Zeus want go to retirement in 2019
they should start training a young cis player to be an igl then, unless they want another seized situation
Tarik to FaZe
Tarik to FaZe
i think faze would take the gamble since they can afford it, but if tarik plays like shit, he's gonna be benched for about 2 years. It could actually end tarik's career the same way snax's career is ...
Tarik to FaZe
It's something retarded that NiKo would probably think is a good idea
Germany laugh thread
Hottest type of girls?
lmao black girls with the least votes, I agree tho.
C9 STEW? WTFF!!!!!!!
C9 STEW? WTFF!!!!!!!
he can still coach to some extent, but idk maybe he goes back to being an analyst, fallen would have to translate for kng