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ecs season 5 EU & NA
This may be me being a salty OpTic fan, but this ECS format is a bit shit
How tall are you?
178cm / 5ft10 - 18 years old - 7 1/2 shoe size (UK) 17cm dick
N-word on twitch
Sounds like he said idiots
https://liquipedia.net/commons/images/0/08/ESL_Pro_League_Season_9_Tiebreakers.png So Heroic was above devils.one because of map difference, then devils.one was above NiP due to h2h, I believe.
Should expensive skins do more damage?
Nice bait
Tea and crumpets
how astralis end their era
Maybe contracts fall through, or the players fall out.
100 euros if you fix my csgo issue.
I meant drives, not drivers. Like how many storage devices do you have? Do you have a HDD and then an SSD?
100 euros if you fix my csgo issue.
Are you sure all video settings on both accounts are identical? Maybe there's a anti aliasing setting which is different? I know this may seem a bit stupid and far fetched but how many drives do you...
You setup [PHOTO]
Can't imagine being left handed and playing csgo :/
100 euros if you fix my csgo issue.
Also do you have worse performance in other games on your main vs your alt? If you have similar performance on a different game on both accounts, we could rule out it being an issue outside of csgo
100 euros if you fix my csgo issue.
When you say you've down shit with userdata, have you tried copying ALL userdata (including ugc, 7, config folders, etc.) from the smurf to your main?
100 euros if you fix my csgo issue.
How many items do you have in your csgo inventory? Seen that having loads of items can cause fps issues. Could be getting baited though. Maybe it's a specific skin?
(18+) your fetish
So basically any BR chick...
Cheap Internet
£40 / month. Average download speeds of 108Mbps. Average upload speeds of 6Mbps