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ableJ retires
Yep, I agree. But even with meritocratic system, in order to bench and fuck ableJ's career, maybe Jaime and Akkari made a deal with ableJ's staff to maintain his salary ou at least keep it at the half...
ableJ retires
Impossible. They were making US$ 1.4k/month before the 5 years contract. And 1.4k, even at that time, was already low. The new contract should be around 10k (mibr players had 25k, why FURIA couldn't m...
ableJ retires
Depends on how much he is making with this contract. ableJ would NEVER be a tier 1 player in a diferent roster than FURIA It was just a matter of time for FURIA to kick him (market oportunity like HE...
Hello! MiBR is a tier 3 or 4 nowadays. Inviting this roster to any tier 1 or major event would be a waste spot. The real problem of this team? Two pillars: dead (mananger) and fer. It's evident tha...
lol wtf
MiBR will never bounce back
-dead -fer -taco +apoka (only to hype and manage the team) +felps +boltz +top tier analyst
PSG - Bayern
Can you prove he is the best?
PSG - Bayern
You don't have to believe in me, mate Just look at their titles and their individual achievements At the end of the day, it all comes to personal opinion, but facts are facts...
PSG - Bayern
Agree, on terms... Alisson was (and still is) the best goalkeaper of the world Marquinhos and T. Silva are in a UCL finals, they are decent compare to any defense in 2018 WC. Marcelo was a top 5 at h...
PSG - Bayern
Yep. He destroyed Bayern in 2015 semi-finals, scored 3 times in that series To be honest, he was already the "best" player since 2017. Not undoubtedly, cause Messi and CR7 are legends of a LIFE TIME,...
PSG - Bayern
Neymar belongs to finals. Every final Neymar were in, he scored. Paulistão, Copa do Brasil, Libertadores, Confederations Cup, Olympics, Champions League... PSG will beat Bayern, and will be a great g...
I don't think removing FalleN out of the equation would be the correct move. He is a good man, and he definitely still can put up some numbers and clutches. Other than that, he is a solid IGL. A littl...
Yep. Not only zews, but coldzera, stew, tarik, yNko, felps... to be fair, everyone who had worked with the mibr core (and has a brain) has one or two things to say about their atittude. To be even mor...
fer is the problem. he is a standard bolsominion, he is toxic. felps can do exactly the same role as fer, with better aim, better team spirit and more hunger. fer lives in the past, always has to say ...