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SK Gaming - exSKuse Gaming, most overrated team in CS:GO history after winning 2 fluke majors

Cloud9 - Clown9,Crowd9, People think they are TOP5 team just cause they won a fluke major (they didnt win shit for 2 years btw)

Gambit - Gamshit,Gambot, same like C9 but not that hard overrated

Astralis - Shitralis, most overrated team atm, won 1 tournament in 1 year and are placed #1 on this biased danish website, they will be irrelevant soon enough


Coldzera - Baitzera,Ecozera, most overrated player of all time, deluded people considered him TOP1 player for 2 year when in reality hes slightly above average, i would put him on a level with happy, also he is nothing without Taco (his bait)

fer - ferDOG,ferBOT, better than Baitzera but still overrated af, most of his frags are ecofrags

Stewie2k - Overrated2k, Streamie2k, one of the most overrated players of all time, average NA player who got famous for having no brain at all, irrelevant in the international scene

Swag - Brax, trashcan junkie, most overrated player in history of NA CS, deluded NA fangay considered him as TOP5 player when he was banned, irrelevant in the international scene and even in the NA scene
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