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hahah have you been cheated on cuz of that or what
Damn, i can't even imagine the pain you're both going trough. My girlfriend had 4 relationships. Her ex husband which she had a kid with was abusive i think (she doesnt want to tell me everything yet)...
lol its not rocket science dude
Money isnt everything bro Money is just a thing, you can always get it. Not every woman wants you to be filthy rich. and orgasm, well thats a different story lol you just have to test things and...
👎 boo!
There's been many thread like this but honestly i dont care anymore if i can help one person who reads this im happy
Yeah, i know that feeling. Im lucky that my love of my life is still with me. I worked hard to get her attention and to meet her. I've never gave up on her because i trully love her and i would do any...
I need to run 2400m in 12 minutes (help)
FaZe vs Ghost
Your phone?
Mi Mix 2
wayLander RUS?
What's the deal? Hunter changed his flag to a Serbian one, cuz he's Serbian from Bosnia. Waylander might be like half Russian/Finnish.
Vitality vs North
Valde really wants top 10 this year, maybe even top 5 He can do it, he's good.
NoChance vs PEEKERS
those where some shit rounds tbh
71 kills still didnt win
you literally had 2 bots in your team so im not surprised at all, i had around 60+ frags but i won barely 16:14 i was not smurfing tho and it was on LE after i decayed
shaving ur ass
trim it, dont shave