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FaZe vs Ghost
Your phone?
Mi Mix 2
wayLander RUS?
What's the deal? Hunter changed his flag to a Serbian one, cuz he's Serbian from Bosnia. Waylander might be like half Russian/Finnish.
Vitality vs North
Valde really wants top 10 this year, maybe even top 5 He can do it, he's good.
NoChance vs PEEKERS
those where some shit rounds tbh
71 kills still didnt win
you literally had 2 bots in your team so im not surprised at all, i had around 60+ frags but i won barely 16:14 i was not smurfing tho and it was on LE after i decayed
shaving ur ass
trim it, dont shave
I rate your car for fun
Lexus IS 220 d 2009 (going to sell it soon for a bigger car, i can afford it for now but soon i wont be having this much money anymore, but im not sad, im happy) / manager in a store yes
Diagnosed with BPD
Thank you! I hope you solve your issues as well. Never give up, there is always somebody that will love you no matter what or who you really are. It's going to happen, it just takes time like in my si...
Diagnosed with BPD
Not that kind of depression, but i can close like nobody. I can stay in my room for days and not talk. This used to happen. Im fine now, tnx god. Depression is a bitch.
Diagnosed with BPD
Uhhh i have problems too, im in a relationship with a 8 year older girl (has a kid too, very difficult situation) and i was depressed before i met her. I stil have problems (its way to complicated for...
Csgo players gf's
They cant. It's kinda sad that people cant get a gf in this year. You literally have to get a job at a store where there are mostly girls, so easy. I worked at Waikiki (LCW) for one moment, plenty of ...
[18] Milf Sex
Mm not bulding up anything in my head, just the normal stuff, its not like we're going to live together any time soon. We still have to talk a lot about everything. We're still on the 2nd stage or som...
[18] Milf Sex
Dont worry, i already know about a lot of stuff, its not like im crazy in love and im blind or something, i just want a normal life and kids. Im just different then 90% of my generation. I know what w...
[18] Milf Sex
Wont tell my age, but my girlfriend is 31 and she has a kid, we're been seeing for a while now, ill make my move 3 days from now on and kiss her. She had a rough divorce, so i didnt want to speed thin...