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portugal cs need money bois they dont have enough money to eat
ENCE vs mousesports
Karrigan either 3 long, or 3 B and the rotation was too slow to help the other site. Ence just save their nades for post plant rather than wasting it on taking the site.
ENCE vs mousesports
Lol no one guard short or mid at Dust 2? Ence has been abusing it for several round straight and it seems Karrigan are just too focus to see it
Chiefs vs ORDER
HAHA If i were chief i would throw the game too, look at the prize pool , damn shit
NiP vs Heretics
i really cannot believe NIP lose to ex 3DMAX, jesus
Spirit vs Winstrike
Haha iDisbalance need to carry lots of burden
ATK vs Singularity
Singularity from fighting with tier 1 team to losing because throwing for money
Hahah what now Havu lol, ofc Havu would throe the game, look at that shit prize pool, better bet on yourself
Unique vs HAVU
Lolol with prize pool like this, havu can throw the game and still get tons of cash and skins
pro100 vs Ha MaSSe
Good explanation
North vs BIG
Can't believe mouz lose to noChance haha, now what North losing to BiG? What a tournament
mousesports vs NoChance
Jesus the cs game today was full of surprise and heart attack haha
INTZ vs Luminosity
Intz does not have the same firepower and skills like ENCE, unless LULminosity throw the third map for food
INTZ vs Luminosity
Brazilian cs boyss, Intz coach can't even believe his boys win it lol screaming like that
Singularity vs Sharks
Idk man, back then it seems like SNG has hope to at least be top tier 2 team, now what a shitty performance