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thank men
liquid worst #1
fan of Twistzz
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As VP fan, Yes But it was more than just Matches. Stream was old and not entertaining but that was just me
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Major Tier List
#16 and #19 I 100% agree, Stage was one of (if not the) best. Elimination matches were ok, playooooooooofs were not entertaining
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Starladder had a GREAT stage and the best Graphics used at a Major, and some of the earlier matches were better (Eliminations > Playoffs) Krakow had ok Games but was a bad viewing experience
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#16 and #5 explain why it's out of F
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Krakow was worse, Starladder was fine. Faceit was a mess but it had decent graphics and a good stage
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Do you know what an Opinion is? ok, thats what my list is. An OPINION.
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You know the bad viewing experience at the start of Starladder and Faceit? bad camera work and overall bad matches it was just as bad but never really improved till the last few matches of the playof...
Faze - Which game?
Merch lol other than that they've made a bunch from Youtube when they were only CSGO
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overall production quality, excitement during major, quality of matches, and my basic opinion
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So bad it was included twice
FaZe best posible roster
Loss major spot They won’t do that to avoid being Cloud 9
Next major?
There are rumors that it will be a ESL event in Vancouver, Canada or in Seattle, Washington. I’ll find that report again but there is no confirmation.