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Jonathan E.: The name either strikes fear, or a feeling of justice in a user’s heart.

Many of you have had a run-in with this knight of our forums, but some have not. Let’s take a peek into who this administrator is and their life.

If you appreciate this user then hopefully you can appreciate him more. If you don’t care for him, maybe I can offer some insight into whom he is and hopefully you can walk away with some respect for this champion of human rights.

We don’t know much about Jonathan and his real life besides what we can see on screen. We know that Jonathan is a male, he was born and resides in the great country of Spain, and is 42 years old. He has enough life experience that I would say he is mature, fair, and just in his position as forum admin.

Jonathan E is one of the oldest, most active members we have on our wonderful site.

He has made over 24,000 comments, nearly 100,000 profile hits. For you new folks, these are big numbers.

Before he was forum admin he was fairly happy and you could find him posting wonderful content regarding Counter Strike.
And these were just from the past three days. Imagine getting harrassed, questioned, and bullied multiple times a day, every day, for years.

He performs a thankless job and has become a martyr of the forums. He is my Counter Strike Jesus Christ.
He has sacrificed his reputation and free time to be bullied by online trolls all for trying to keep the forums safe for everyone.

Please take this into consideration next time you get upset over a ban for something that was probably justified. Remember that Jonathan is a person just like you. He has feelings, friends, thoughts, and a life just like anyone else. Keep that in mind.

To me, Jonathan E, you will always be a hero.

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