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Sharks vs DreamEaters
This is more about politicians who create this hate between this nations.
Sharks vs DreamEaters
Some people from Ukraine hate Russia after Crimea become to Russia. Anyway, in past in time WW2 they have Ukrainian Insurgent Army who hate German and Russian ( communists ). Here is many reason to ha...
PACT vs Nemiga
Sobol is playing this game?
Beyond vs FrostFire
Whats happen? Fail molly in apps?
AVANT vs Grayhound
I have no idea how they can play like this in 2019. They can watch some Tier-1 team demos and be super AU team. But they still play like a trash. Push without any info throw the smoke, or +w style. Th...
AVANT vs Grayhound
If you cant aim, you will lose, no way.
AVANT vs Grayhound
Avant have a chance on inferno, but they choke as it is always should be like 13-16/14-16 after lost to pistol eco.
Look's like that versace can take one map.
Any predict from swiss boys? Or it is coin flip?
Your hair...
I am bald
Best bet site
Best bet site
I cant say exactly, around half year ago. It is sad, coz i have no problem with withdraw and something like this before. Here, in Russia, 1xbet is blocked. But we have official licensed clone - 1xstav...
Best bet site
I bet on them around two years, and withdraw 80k+ russian rub. And last time then i deposite like a 1000 rub just for fun on EPL, i bet -3.5 on SS with @2.5. Game is finish and i saw that i have no mo...
Best bet site
You are right! My english skill like a dead dog xD
Lost 950 elo in a month
I have cool story for you boys. I played faceit pugs for fun, and have 3rd lvl. And i lost my elo to 250 (!), i think that my m8s is dumb and bad ,i think thats why i always lose the game. Now i chang...