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North vs Syman
Nice to see how Syman grow up. Ofc on paper North is favorite, but here is major magic. Let’s go Syman, let’s go CiS CS!
Singularity vs Lazarus
Seems like close game. Follow the better odds.
Izako Boars vs Unique
Loot.blyad - made for live matchfixing xd
Free Faceit or mm?
For me, mm is the hell place. I can’t feel myself free, coz I always think that I played vs. cheaters ( I know, it’s stupid by the way ). If I get new account cheater with 2h in cs, I know that I got ...
Your fps in CS GO
You are really have around 300 stable FPS on Ryzen 5 2600 ( not 2600x ? ) ? GPU 6 or 3 gb?
just broke up with my gf
You are right! Gym is the best place, and for this problem too.
DreamEaters vs Syman
This is true.
DreamEaters vs Syman
Today I will go with Syman. DE better, but you know this is CIS CSU, and there you can’t just win coz you are better, a lot of luck and random mistakes. DE show good lvl of CS ( for dis tier ), but it...
How about "boomblch" for eng caster 1st time xD
AVANT will pick dust 2 again, and today will be rekted by 5thrower. I feel it should be clown party match. This game is full coin flip, idk how predict it, rly. Full random hs on map. Random trash tac...
Astralis vs FURIA
I am not a mad, i just take my big ( xD ) money and gonna chill)
Astralis vs FURIA
All-in on Furia ( 0,31$ ). Wish me luck, i want to win big money today.
PC build for CS GO
Thank you my friend, i will buy r5 2600 and rx 580. Have a nice day m8!
PC build for CS GO
Whats about motherboard ?
PC build for CS GO
Thank you so much my friend!