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Best rap song?
Youve shown an example of new school rap that I dont like at all. So I have to disagree.
faze top 3 team
They barely beat NIP (with coach), and Complexity who are very inconsistent. Early call
Best rap song?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VC4ORS5n9Hg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sevZEOUXpw4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryfr6YTNeho All songs 10 times better than the "rap" you posted
Countries YOU have been to RANKED
OP, youre like 14, and your arguments are very thin. Get 18, get 7-8 years behind your back travelling without mom and dad, and then come back to make a list worth reading. Staying at holiday resorts ...
Countries YOU have been to RANKED
Stfu cringe kid. Stop flexing your dads money.
What do you mean? He doesnt deserve it because hes not that good anymore? Every mvp winner at major, including Adren of course, was performing consistent against the best teams in the world in a lot ...
rain to 100T
He was igl just on paper. They switched on who was calling because no one wanned to igl.
20+ come here
Not far from true in many cases. When I talk to people in their early 20s theres not really much to talk about.
A girl TExted me
She wants attention and probably text the same to 20 guys. What she dont know is that this kind of confidence boosts are very short term and not effective (rather destructive) in the long run. This go...
C9 n0thing
Anyone else than n0thing tbh. He retired a long time ago. Why will he suddenly return and mentioned as a "explosive talent". N0thing has played big tournaments since late 1.6. Secondly, the team will ...
C9 n0thing
Have to be like the worst guess ever (if you are serious)
He is just mad because his music taste is like a 14 yo girls
Heroic vs GODSENT
zywoo rating
Its wrong to call him a baiter in general, but he do bait as a star player, but thats part of the team set up (all teams), and isnt wrong.