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i think japan won ww2 and we dont realise it
You cant be older than 14 attacking kids on the internet for being screwed by their government for centuries.
Sweden WTF
I dont even have OCD but I feel like I have it by reading the way you type.
Countries with most hackers
The list doesnt tell that much considering that Russia dominates europes player base (the most players by far). Theyve got about ten times more players than Romania does.
Niko arrogance
Says fan of s1mple who rage quit official matches because his teammates is "shit".
NA why DAPS?
Whats so hard to understand from what I typed? Point out whats wrong. And havent wrote shit. Thats what you do on a paper.
NA why DAPS?
Sure, random norwegian kid knows more than every org and teammate hes played with. If he was really bad to have on the team no one would want him. And the fact that krystal is the only one you can com...
Putin want Russians to feel stronk, so your media is more based on instructions from your leader than on facts I believe.
In any case, youre from a country with bad education (according to your english grammar skills), so I bet your country is a couple tiers below Sweden.
Should Albania
Bezzerwizzer spotted
Should Albania
And thats very much the case for Albania too
0.9999 = 1 or 0?
No, we all know that you need a new source of attention
How old is your country?
Only people in the west can use that insult. I Poland they probably use Russian toilet cleaners.
Twist Is so bad?
For being a swede you have the worst English. And btw twist rekts ur ass drunk and high
Only betas support erdogan, like putin supporters in russia.
Roles in cs go
Might be, but your role definitions are bullshit