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ESIC apply minor sanction to niko in complicity of HUNDEN coaching bug abuse; clear Heroic quartet
This is just sad man. aspergers is no joke, and I'm sure under normal circumstances niko wouldnt want his diagnoses out there like that for you hltv trolls to discuss and make fun of. ESIC did right h...
favorite csgo copypastas?
i arent think that
white ferrari
Point of bulking
to grow body, must eat calorie. cannot gain mass without eating more than your body burns. In that excess, you will gain both muscle AND fat. Then later, you can try to burn off the fat and keep the m...
ESIC open investigation into alleged complicity of Heroic players in coaching bug abuse
take every coach that was found to use the bug. say that every player who was a part of those teams knew about it and ban them all. that's a fuckton of the scene. That's what he's saying.
Complexity to use a stand-in in ESL Pro League as k0nfig deals with wrist injury*
i guess ur rank
3k hours ak / p250 dennis cache
ESEA lifts ban on nosraC, vek, J0LZ
to be honest i dont know these guys or much about how deep this rabbit hole goes, but in the recording it really sounded to me like the sentiment of 4pack was "i dont want to lose games, what the fuck...
Best MAJOR Ever
not to mention the dark horse runs of Quantum Bellator Fire and Vega Squadron. Was undoubtedly my favorite major to watch
draken on hard shots
Steam summer sale
human fall flat
fl0m 3-20
hes got great mental to bounce back from that on the following 2 maps
NIP vs fnatic
-JW +nawwk when