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Sh1ro Top 1 2022?
right now yes, but all year no chance. He is not even meant to perform like s1mple or ZywOo, I mean Gambit has another players to perform well (ax1le, hobbit) so he doesnt really need to put up those ...
is s1mple gonna do it?
+1, would be crazy if he would actually perform on s1mple/ZywOo level. No one can repeat ZywOo's insane rookie year (2019), he is the only one who managed to be that good in his first year of tier 1 c...
vitality vs faze
G2 add Aleksib, XTQZZZ
Only time will tell, I hope they will make it work and stop Navi, bored of watching them winning everything, but as of now, I dont consider it as a good move. Just my opinion
G2 add Aleksib, XTQZZZ
gg I felt like G2 are going to be the main contender for Navi in 2022 when they signed m0nesy, that linup with him would be really strong with NiKo putting up those crazy numbers that he showed in Maj...
Top 20 players of 2021: Down to the final three
what announcement? its announced already, isnt it? #1 s1mple #2 ZywOo #3 NiKo
EG complete roster with RUSH
This team has a potential but stew IGL? They should have bring the contect king back for IGL, instead of picking RUSH
Absolutely, LAN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Online for HLTV otherwise there is no way NiKo placing above sh1ro, sh1ro got 3 MVPs and all year highest class performance NiKo is a great player, dont get me wrong, but...
Top 20 players 2021: 4th
gimme ur top 4
1. s1mple 2. ZywOo 3. sh1ro 4. NiKo
NiKo will be 3rd
He definitely played better in the 2nd half of the year, no doubt about that, But I think the performances that sh1ro showed in the first half completely overpowers NiKo's performances in the first ha...
great player, so mechanically gifted, definitely one of the very best riflers at the scene rn. He was on fire for the whole year, but especially in first half of 2021, that was something else, he was ...
Hobbit > electronic
exactly, being average on Onlines and playing great on LANs shouldnt get you any higher than #7, I think its completely fair for electronic, maybe yekindar should have been above him, ye. Hate people ...