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ScreaM replaces lucky on G2
he carried numerous times???
ScreaM > JaCkz
he was one of the best players in most of those teams, especially G2. nobody is overhyping him.. atleast 80% of the people on hltv call him overrated and bad. Which makes him underrated btw, becaus...
ScreaM > JaCkz
ScreaM doesnt GET chances dafuck?
Free Batman games
yess, once u get it, u own it.
Free Batman games
youre gonna have to install the epic games launcher. its like the steam launcher.
Juventus disband
Juventus disband
if anyone thinks ronaldo is better, they have a lack of football knowledge
Juventus disband
rooney (his teammate at the time) even said messi was better
GamerLegion vs G2
maybe, he isnt playing that's for sure. maybe another team?
why are you naming 2015-2018 as an example. real madrid won all of them in those years so they played the maximum amount of games. no shit they have more goals, they played way more games then messi. ...
+1 he is a better goalscorer then the best attacker in world (excluding messi) and the best playmaker/assister then the best midfielder in the world. he is the most complete player in the world.
messi has a better goals per game ratio in the ucl then ronaldo... and none of the things you named are better then scoring 91 goals in 1 year
GamerLegion vs G2
he has been carrying them more then being a bot and when he gets low scores, he has the most impact kills every game.
ScreaM top 1
he barely goes for taps anymore
you mean i have to do the same as him?